Old buggers escape their nursing home to attend a festival

festival 06/08/2018

Most assume that heading to a festival is only for young people with little responsiblity, but here's a couple of guys that show you are never to old to head to a festy!

Two elderly men plotted an escape from their nursing home to attend a festival, and it's probably the best thing we've heard all day.

In Germany, police found the two men in amongst the crowd of the Wacken Open Air music festival after worried staff had called on them.

A local officer reported they were "both disoriented and apathetic" but definitely had enjoyed themselves.

They obviously liked the (metal) festival. The care home quickly organised a return transport after police picked them up.


The festival in question was sold out, with over 75,000 punters involved.

We'd love to have seen these old lads lost in all the concert hype. Good to know you're never too old for some festy fun!