Paddy Gower announces he's getting amongst new documentary on legalising marajuana

weed 24/07/2018

An upcoming documentary will see Newshub's Patrick Gower explore the pros and cons of legalising marijuana, for both recreational and medicinal use.

Funded by NZ On Air, Patrick Gower: The High Road will look at overseas examples of cannabis law reform and explore the opportunities for New Zealand if marijuana was to be legalised.

"I have always had my doubts that marijuana is good for anything more than people getting stoned. But every day there seems to be a headline from somewhere around the world that proves me wrong," says Gower.

We are going to get out there and show Kiwis the good and the bad when it comes to legalising weed.

New Zealanders could be voting in a referendum on legalising cannabis soon - the Green Party was promised the referendum at or by the 2020 election as part of their coalition agreement with Labour.

"It is likely that marijuana use will be legalised in New Zealand in the future," says MediaWorks Chief Content Officer Andrew Szusterman.

"As a society we can't go into this without first exploring how medicinal and recreational use has impacted communities where this has already happened. At Three we want to help start the conversation and Paddy is the man to do that."

Gower ended 10 years of working in the Parliamentary Press Gallery at the end of 2017, before moving into the role of Newshub National Correspondent.