People rewatch American Pie, decide now they're offended

News 28/02/2018

The absolute pearler of a film, American Pie, that hit our screens 1999, has become a common topic on social media as of recently. The teenage sex comedy that's nostalgic for the best of us has caused a ramp up of now woke young adults deciding the film isn't as fun and harmless as when we first watched.

If you're not familiar with the film, the plot essentially involves a group of guys going to some pretty desperate measures for sex that are bound together with knob jokes and toilet humour - a genre that was very popular at the time. SO popular, that the film went on to have several sequels and a couple of spin offs; seven films in total for the franchise.

It appears the humour has lost its novelty because the people who have started rewatching it, don't find it as funny as they used to.

Some of the scenes that they are in fact referencing include: 

  • Recording a woman getting naked using a secret webcam
  • Stifler calling out people for acting 'gay'
  • Stifler being absolutely mortified to realise he's in a gay club
  • Multiple women getting manipulated into sex 

All things that didn't seem like a big deal 20 years ago, in 2018 are bad taste and innappropriate.

What's your thoughts?