Post Malone has spent a whole year's worth of your salary on Postmates and we can't even

News 26/10/2018

We'd hate to know how much we've spent on UberEats in the last year, but we can 100% guarantee it isn't even a fraction of the amount Post Malone has spent on Postmates - a similar US app that delivers pretty much anything to you.

Postmates themselves revealed that Post Malone is actually their #1 customer in the whole of the US. You go Post!

They also said just how much he had spent in the last 400 days - $40,000 US dollars, which is about $61,000 NZ dollars. HOLY. HELL. 

He averaged at 1.65 orders per day, with over 3,000 total items across 52 different US cities. That's a bloody solid effort if you ask us. 

His biggest order was 10,000 biscuits delivered to a Coachella party, which set him back $8,000 US dollars. 

Apparently his delivery drivers are pretty well looked after though, with Malone reportedly tipping one with a copy of his then-unreleased album Beerbongs and Bentleys in April.

We honestly have nothing but respect for his commitment.