Punters lose their shit after portaloos reveal a festival's hidden rave

festival 08/08/2018

As the northern hemisphere's festival season keeps popping off, we find some absolute pearler moments, making us even more keen for summer to come!

Now, portaloos are never anyone's favourite place at a festival, with a few days worth of excrememnt marinating in their dodgey depths, but Eastern Electrics Festival have managed to make the dunnies a less avoidable area.

In the middle of what seems to be a row of portaloos to the naked eye, one door opened to a magical rave. Like Narnia, for cook c**ts.

Essentially, what they've done is put a tent backing up to a row of toilets, with one unsuspecting stall being only a door, which opens up to the rave inside.

This is quite possibly the most genius idea we've ever seen!