Scotland proves it's way ahead of the game, gives students free tampons and pads

News 27/08/2018

The Scottish government has announced it will provide free pads and tampons to all students at schools, colleges, and universities.

The plan aims to ensure that a lack of period products won't hinder students' education.

In a statement, Convention of Scottish Local Authorities councillor Alison Evison said it will "also contribute to a more open conversation and reducing the unnecessary stigma associated with periods."

The scheme is set to cost Scotland £5.2 million pounds (NZ$9.9 million).

A study conducted by Women for Independence found that one in five people with periods in Scotland can't afford pads or tampons and have resorted to using socks, toilet paper, or newspaper instead.

The same has gone on in New Zealand, with Salvation Army social services secretary Pam Waugh saying she's heard of people "rolling up newspaper; putting it inside socks; we've heard them using old sanitary pads that they've washed or recycled; and we've also heard about them using leaves and newspapers just so that they can actually function well."

Globally, hundreds of thousands of young people every year miss school due to insufficient access to period products.