See what track Zedd roasted, then got roasted right back for hating on

music news 05/10/2018

Zedd has sparked some serious Twitter debate among producers including Alison Wonderland and A-Trak after questioning the quality of Sheck Wes's 'Mo Bamba'.

The debate started with Zedd's tweet saying "I just heard the song ‘Mo Bamba’ by Sheck Wes for the first time …and I have so many questions…", which he has since deleted. You can watch the vid above if you're not sure what song we're talking about.

A-Trak responded to Zedd's tweet, saying "It's the best song of the year", with Alison Wonderland agreeing. 

Zedd then hit back to both A-Trak and Alison Wonderland saying "You guys have absolutely lost your mind", to which A-Trak responded "You can’t. Objectively, you can’t disagree, sorry. It’s the most important song of the year."

You can read the full thread here:

Producers on the track, Take a Daytrip, chimed in on the discussion with their own explanation of the production behind the track:

We love a good music debate between producers - keep going guys, we'll just grab our popcorn.