Sleepless fish may be the key to helping humans fucking send it all night long

News 16/02/2018

A new study has found the first evidence of "genetic and neural changes that contribute to the evolution of sleep loss." Does this mean we could finally be able to last all night at festivals?

The scientific discovery comes thanks to a little fish called the Mexican tetra. One of the smaller species of tetra requires only two hours sleep every 24 hours.

The fish contains more HRCT (hypocretin) proteins than the average fish, which in English basically means they have more of the shit that your brain uses to regulate sleep and other things. Because tetra have more of these proteins though, they're able to be awake for longer.

Scientists are now reviewing using some of these proteins in drugs to help humans stay awake all night. The research on these fish shows that even though they stay up with little to no sleep, they appear to have no physical reprucussions.

This means we could be one step closer to being able to absolutely SEND it all night without feeling like a bag of shit the next day. 

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