Some people in Aussie want to give religious school's the right to ban gay students, and it's so fucked

News 11/10/2018

If a certain reccomendation from the review of religious freedoms in Aussie is taken seriously by the Federal Government, religious schools in Australia could be given the right to ban gay students from attending their schools.

Sydney's Morning Herald reported on said review, which outrageously stated that;

The Sex Discrimination Act should be altered to let religious schools bar prospective students based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or even their relationship status.

How cooked is that?!

Some states in Australia do allow schools outside of the government system to do this, but the recommendation in the report would make sure this was a rule across the board nationally.

This was all put together by Liberal MP Phillip Ruddock during the marriage equality debate last year (legalising same-sex marriage in Aussie), as people became anxious of losing their religious freedoms.

The whole thing has caused insane backlash and we really hope nothing comes of it.

An education minister, Tanya Plibersek, said "as a human being and as a mother, the idea adults would be discriminating against or rejecting children seems to me pretty awful."

Yeah, very awful. SMH.


Info in this article was sourced from Pedestrian.