Someone has created a Kiwi version of 'Cards Against Humanity' and it's gonna be the ideal Xmas gift

News 05/11/2018

If you're a fan of the notorious card game Cards Against Humanity, the one game where you can be as crass and outrageous as you want without your friends and family judging you, you're gonna love this.

An innovative duo from Hamilton, Ben Hawken and Eliot Jessep, decided to to Kiwi-ify the epic game and make our very own version. They've called it Kiwis Against Morality.

The rules for the game are the same as Cards Against Humanity, an unfinished sentence is presented to the table of players, to which they must find the best/funniest answer possible (or most bad taste answer possible).

After posting a Kickstarter page for it midday last Thursday, with a $4,500 goal, they managed to rack up the funds within an easy 4.5 hours. Far out!

With nearly $30,000 now raised, the boys are on track to roll out production in NZ and get the game to your doors before Xmas this year. Solid effort, boys.

As explained on their Kickstarter funding page:

It's an explansion of your favourite party game, Cards Aginst Humanity, with all your favourite Kiwisms, such as Paula Bennett's paninis, and David Baine's sweaters.

We can't wait to see these bad boys crack the shelves and be a family games night staple!