Space Jam is coming back with Lebron James and a lil someone from Black Panther...

movie 21/09/2018

It's official, Space Jam 2 is happening! And it will be produced by Black Panther and Creed director Ryan Coogler. 

Lebron James confirmed Space Jam 2 in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he mentioned that having Coogler on board was important to him.

“I loved his vision,” James said of Coogler's Black Panther. James also noted that there weren't any black superheroes for him to look up to when he was growing up. "So for Ryan to be able to bring that to kids, it’s amazing," he continued.

Lebron's SpringHill Entertainment took to Twitter to tease a Space Jam announcement on Wednesday, Sept. 19.

In the photo included with the tweet, there are references to Bugs Bunny, James, Coogler, and Terence Nance who will direct the film.

It's been 22 years since the original was made, and although the date of release hasn't been shared yet, we can't wait to see how this all unfolds!