Study finds going to concerts can help you live longer

life 20/07/2018

Out with the old 'apple a day keeps the doctor away', and in with the new 'go to more concerts and you'll live longer'.

Yes you read that right. According to a study by O2 and Goldsmith's University Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan, going to concerts has a multitude of beneficial health effects, including potentially increasing your life expectancy by up to nine (yes NINE) years. Holy hecka. 

Participants in the study reported back after going to a concert with an increase in feelings of self-worth (+25%), closeness to others (+25%) and mental stimulation (+75%). Overall "feelings of wellbeing increased by 21%.

Patrick Fagan, Expert in Behavioural Science and Associate Lecturer at Goldsmith’s University, said:

“Our research showcases the profound impact gigs have on feelings of health, happiness and wellbeing – with fortnightly or regular attendance being the key. Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight [once every two weeks] which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”

They didn't delve into the topic of how many gigs is TOO much, but we're of the opinion that more can only be better right?! You can't argue with science.

Just another excuse to go to all those sweet gigs we have lined up. Yesss boy.