Study finds that your beard is probably full of poo

funny shit 27/07/2018

Overgrown beards have become increasingly more TRENDY these days, most guys sporting hefty facial hair one way or another, but we've got something that might make you wanna shave that whole thing off! 

Nearly 50% of men's beards are full of shit. LITERALLY.

The study, conducted by Fragrance Direct and Manchester Metropolitan University, took swabs from beards all around the UK to come to the grim, grim discovery.

Most participants said they do, in fact, clean their beards as much as possible, yet the results still turned over how unhygienic the beard really is.

A whopping 47% of participant's beard contained the micro-organism 'Enterococcus spp', which in easy-to-understand language means poo cells. Their beards are full of poo cells. Faecal matter. Ugh.

The worst part about these results is that it's not just long beards, it's beards of any length, so none of you are safe.

How does this happen you might ask? Well, the same study also found that around 60% of men don't bother to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Ya dirty bastards!?

A rep from the study has given this advice for those wanting to keep their beards in good knick and nice and clean:

Everyone knows to shampoo their hair, but beards need some attention, too. Men should use beard shampoo when they shower, along with conditioner afterwards.

Well, you heard them. Better get scrubbing team!