Study shows hot chips could be healthier than salad

Food 19/04/2018

Never feel guilty for buying hot chips again!!!

Maybe sometimes...

A recent study from the Weizmann Institute in Israel showed some pretty shocking results, after feeding a bunch of participants the exact same meal and seeing how the results of the food would vary across the board.

 Although their initial predictions were that the effects of the consumption of the meal will be pretty much similar for everyone involved, many of the participants had some pretty wild reactions to a lot of it.

One female participant's blood sugar spiked notably after eating tomatoes, while others saw higher blood sugar levels after eating bananas than biscuits.

The biggest revelation however, was that the majority of participants had NO bad effects from eating chips!

Professor Segal from the study stated,

The huge differences that we found in the rise of blood sugar levels among different people who consumed identical meals partly explains why so many diets fail in so many people

Essentially everyone is different. I diet that someone might ace, my have really bad effects on other people.

So maybe we shouldn't run straight to the fish and chips shop... but at least the odds of it being bad are pretty good?