Festie-goers at Bestival in Dorset, England. (Getty Images)

Substances sold as MDMA at festival kept people awake for up to four days

Drugs 15/08/2018


A drug safety organisation made some alarming discoveries at Dorset-based music festival "Bestival" a couple weekends ago.

The Loop, a charity which provides free drug testing at festivals (side note: good on you, guys), tested 450 MDMA samples and the substances pentylone and N-ethyl pentylone were detected.

Hang on, in English please?

Pretty much what those nasty subs are - they look and smell like powder-form ecstacy, but can you leave awake for up to four days. It's supposedly three times stronger than MDMA and induces users with temporary psychosis.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah nah.

Reported by MixMag, The Loop's director Fiona Measham, told Metro:

There were people at Bestival who had been awake for three or four days after taking it.

"If we test it, at least we know what we’re dealing with and then the medics and welfare officers can look after them appropriately, and we can put out a warning on our social media channels.

"Exactly half the people who brought us it had already taken it. So we’re getting people coming to us after they’ve had a bad time."

Other discoveries made at the festival - they found some Donald Trump pills that contained double the average dose, and tested samples of what people thought was cocaine to find it was chloroquine, a malaria tablet.

Pretty scary shit thinking about what random chems you could be loading into your body without knowing what it is. Just a reminder, here at George we don't condone or promote drug-use. But we know it happens, and we can't stop you from doing whatever the fuck you like - but just be smart, and stay safe out there, fam.