'Disrespectful': Diplo under fire for 'garbage, cringe’ Elvis tribute at MTV awards

Right Here Right Now 07/06/2022

Diplo is getting a lot of hate from Elvis fans after he and Swae Lee performed their new track which features in the upcoming 'Elvis' biopic at the MTV Movie and TV awards. 

Diplo donned a custom Elvis suit for the occasion, but his fit could only get him so far. 

Diplo and rapper Swae Lee were performing their track 'Tupelo Shuffle', named after the hometowns of both Diplo and Swae, as well as Elvis himself.

We've done some digging and there’s no video of the full performance available online, but there is a small snippet of it… and a whole lot of comments hating on it. 

Say what you want about the tune - the comments on the YouTube video of the song are largely praising it - but the performance, tipped as a tribute to the King of Rock and Roll' was ripped to shreds online. 

It was dubbed called "garbage", "cringe", "horrible", "a monstrosity", and an insult, with Diplo and Swae Lee given the title of "brainless motherf*ckers" by one angry Elvis lover.  

Basically everything your mates call you when you tell them you’re not going to go out with them on a Friday night. 

Here's the full track for you to make your own mind up about: