The director of Netflix film 'Ibiza' hasn't even been to Ibiza

Netflix 27/06/2018

Ibiza, the white isle, the birthplace of Balearic brilliance, the party island, the place you probably won't remember, has now got itself a Netflix film of the same name. It follows three American girls on a whirlwind through the party paradise, one of them falling in love with a DJ in the process.

Yeah, probably not the most enticing film ever.

Anyways, the director of the film, Alex Richanbach, caught up with Mixmag to chat about it. One of the most glaringly obvious questions to be asked was whether he had been to Ibiza and what inspred him.

He hadn't

He hadn't been there.

He just made a film about Ibiza, and he hasn't even been there, nor did they even film it there.

As well as stumping interviewers with the fact he's not been to Ibiza, apparently the Spanish government are not happy about it as it doesn't "portray the film in the right light".

What a very cringe situation.

If you want to check out the film, it's on Netflix now.