The first look at Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary has just been released

News 11/12/2018

Remember Fyre Festival? The absolute shit show that made headlines last year after all the elite and rich turned up to the supposed luxury festival, only to welcomed into what looked like a refugee camp cesspit?

Well, Netflix have just released their first trailer for the documentary they're making on it. It's titled FYRE.

The trailer shows a bunch of BTS footage of the ordeal, presumably collected from those who attended, and incriminating social media posts of what went down.

Check it out here:

The EXPECTATION VS. REALITY theme runs very true through the trailer. like the whole thing is just a cruel, cruel meme.

An exclusive behind the scenes look at the infamous unraveling of the Fyre music festival.


The founder of the festival, Billy McFarland, has since been sentenced to 6 years in prison on fraud charges, all of which were related to Fyre Festival.

Two Fyre Festival attendees have also since been rewarded $5 million in damages.