Why Derrick Lewis' post-match interview was the real UFC winner over the weekend

Sport 08/10/2018

As far as UFC goes, the headline you've seen the most of is the crazy rumble between both McGregor and Nurmagomedov's teams after Nurmagomedov took down McGregor in the the fourth round of their fight.

But what we think should really be making headlines is the hilarious post-fight interview of Derrick Lewis.

The heavyweight Lewis, absolutely nailed his fight against Alexander Volkov winning by KO, having everyone losing their minds, but the best part of the whole win was what he said after the fight.

When asked why he took his pants off after the fight he simply answered,

'Cause my balls are hot.


Check out some of the crack up interview here:

Here's a bunch of Twitter's reactions.

Heard a rumour that we fucking love it!