The new ‘Halloween’ movie is literally scaring the piss outta people

movie 26/10/2018

Halloween is supposedly so scary to the point of uncontrollable bladders for viewers of the new horror film.

Halloween had an opening weekend of record-breaking sales, grossing $77.5 million US dollars in the box office over the first three days of its release.

Better than the money is the enjoyment or value for money that viewers got.

Taking to twitter people claimed to nearly or literally pissing themselves.

"Halloween was sooooooo good, bitch I almost pissed myself." 

"We just saw the new Halloween and I nearly pissed myself like four times that shit was spooky."

I deadass watched Halloween and pissed myself.

As a sequel to the 1978 classic, Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode 40 years on. This film is the highest grossing horror with a female lead, which is pretty cool for the wahine in the acting biz.

If this sounds like a bit of you, I suggest you check it out.  


Written by George contributor Molly Kirkbride