The newest way to find love, Facebook releases 'Facebook Dating'

Tech 21/09/2018

Not having much luck finding love? Well, fuck, we've got something for you!

Facebook have just launched in Columbia, Facebook Dating, a new addition to the social network helping match you with the perfect companion, using all the hoards of data it's collected about you over the years.

It’s centered around an algorithm-powered homescreen of Suggested romantic matches based on everything Facebook knows about you that other apps don’t. 

They've stated that the goal is make Facebook the best place to start a relationship online.

Essentially, the way it works is that there'll be a notice on top of users News Feeds inviting them to participate in Facebook Dating, where you then opt in, confirm your location, add details such as bio, age, workplace, education, religion, the works, and if you wish you can even add sexual orientations.

You can then upload up to a dozen photos of you and then answer about 20 questions before the profile is ready to go.

The maximum radius is around 100km so there's plenty of room to find the person of our dreams (within a close vacinity).

Here's a geez of what it looks like:

Here's the reasons WHY Facebook wanted to launch this.

  1. Meaningful relationships not one-night-stands
  2. Opt-in not automatic enrollment
  3. Within Facebook not a new app
  4. Friends-of-friends and strangers not friends
  5. A new profile not your same one
  6. Message and response not both people swiped right
  7. Profiles and chat are separate not part of Facebook
  8. Real age and location not self-described
  9. Matches through Events and Groups not randos

It will be super interesting to see how it goes on its first launch in Columbia, and whether there are no kinks. We can imagine there'll still be some wierdos amongst it but hey, we can't wait to give it a go here in NZ!

Info sourced from Techcrunch.