The Ol' mate Bill English is scoring himself a knighthood

News 04/06/2018

Former Prime Minister Bill English has been made a Sir in the Queen's Birthday Honours.

He says it is great to be acknowledged.

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt.

Sir Bill says he hopes it encourages the next generation to be involved in public service.

"You can change things for the better - give people better lives, create a better country - and I'm pleased I was part of a team that helped make New Zealand a more successful and more confident country."

Not everyone is as stoked with the nomination as ol' Bill himself, finding himself among a long list in which a lot of people are biting back about on social media, saying whether many recipients are as well-deserving as they think.

Whatever you're opinion is on the matter, guess we'll all be calling him Sir Bill from now on!