The word Pākehā has been banned from Red Dead Redemption 2 and we're like WTF

Gaming 01/11/2018

The brand new Red Dead Redemption II has been all the rage in the gaming world at the moment since its release last week.

I'm sure you, your partner, your brother, your dad, or your uncle or ANYONE for that matter, can't get enough of this game, with its epic graphics and landscapes. But there's somethin' about this game that's got us Kiwis a lil confused.

In an effort to prevent scams, the game has banned a bunch of phrases, words, and misspellings of words, 404 of them to be exact.

One of the words that's banned is Pākehā... And all of us are like... huh? 

This essentially means that someone down the line thinks this word is supposedly a derrogatory word/slur.

Many gamers have gone to point out that the word is pretty harmless,

The thing is that Pākehā isn't even an insult. It just means not Māori,

Guess they're just trying to be PC AF???? Weird.