There's a festival called Sex Island that sounds rough as guts

nsfw 26/11/2018

The notorious company that made headlines last year for brazenly offering a holiday to Colombia with unlimited sex, booze and drugs is at it again.

'Sex Island 2018' is being promoted by Good Girls Company, which is offering 50 guests two girls each for three nights, for a US$6000 ticket - and it's being labelled "sick" online.

Customers are promised that the wild holiday is "drug friendly" and people who claim to have indulged in the 2017 trip say a wide range of drugs were openly consumed on it.

A new video from Good Girls Company boasts about this year's holiday including an orgy golf tournament, strip tennis and a celebrity musical performance by 'Drizzy'.

The Sex Island 2018 official website states all 100 prostitutes are STD-free and advises that condoms must be used for all sexual activity by customers.

The website has a FAQ section which includes an answer to the question: "Does your beautiful ladies offer quality drugs at your event [sic]?"

"Neither our staff or our girls are allowed to provide any kind of substances," says Good Girls Company.

"What is allowed is the consumption of it during our trip. You will be able to obtain the drugs you desire from a third party close to the island."

The new video was posted on British tabloid the Daily Mirror's Facebook page, where it received dozens of comments.

"STD clinics are already under the pump. Sick fools," said Jimmy Banks.

"Don't believe the organisers where they say there's no human trafficking involved," said Cassie Smith.

"If everyone involved are all consenting adults then I don't see the problem ," said Lisa Davis.

Meanwhile, stories have emerged from last year's Sex Island Experience - which was labelled "disgusting" by outraged social media users - with people claiming it was just as wild as it sounded.

Originally set to take place off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia, the 2017 Sex Island Experience had to be moved to a secret Caribbean location after local authorities moved to ban it.

The Sun has interviewed someone claiming to be a 33-year-old dentist from New York who embarked on the hedonistic holiday and described it as "the craziest thing I've ever done in my life".

"Drugs were available all the time... pills, poppers, cocaine and all the big ones," said 'Nick'.

"There were some others I'd never heard of before, like one they called 'toothy', it's pink and you sniff it, it really gets you excited and makes you want to have sex."

He claimed that he was on a bed with his allotted two prostitutes "just 15 minutes into the trip".

'Nick' said the customers were mostly American, but also included Australians, Brits and Canadians. All were men apart from one woman, who came with her husband.

He also alleged that a "big pop star from Canada" was one of the customers and even performed a show on the trip.

That's a story the Good Girls Company wants potential new customers to believe and by using "Drizzy" in its promotional video, seem to be implying the musician is none other than hip-hop star Drake.

Sex Island 2018 takes place December 14 - 17.