You can stay in this lush hotel suite in Ibiza for free, but there's a helluva catch

Right Here Right Now 11/07/2022

Picture this: you've just had a killer night in Ibiza, you manage to stumble back to your hotel and fall into bed, passing out straight away.

You wake up in the morning, tight headache and hazy memory. You open your eyes and there's a bunch of randoms ogling at you.

That's what Paradiso Art Hotel in Ibiza offers to brave travellers. The Zero Suite is totally free to stay in, but it's complete with glass walls and plonked right in the middle of the hotel lobby. Basically, it's perfect for anyone who loves a bit of attention but a nightmare for people who want to hide from the world - which we feel would be most of us after a night out in Ibiza.

The fact that it’s free miiiight tempt us to stay a night in the exhibitionist’s dream room. But one look at what it’s like on the inside - provided by TikToker Olympia Anley - puts us back firmly in the ‘get effed’ mindset. 

Commenters on the video shared the same feelings as us. One person said it's their “worst nightmare” and another called it “every stalker’s dream”.

Luckily, the bathroom is fully enclosed with nice, solid walls. So there is some privacy. Probably wouldn’t be a bad shout to sleep in the bathroom to be honest. 

If you’re wondering why this is a thing at all - it’s in the name of art.

The whole hotel is art-themed and the glass suite is something of a real-life art piece, a study on the dustmite perhaps. On their website, Paradiso say that the room can also be used for “artsy performances, radio broadcasts, DJ sets … the possibilities are endless”.

If you’ve got the kahunas to stay for a night in the Zero Suite then good on ya mate. We’d honestly rather crash on a couch or bend through the night - this is Ibiza after all.