This brewing company has just created a strong AF gin that's got over 82% of alcohol

Alcohol 24/07/2018

Some people like to avoid gin at the best of times, with it's effect on the consumer apparently bringing out your most emotional side.

Well, you'll have a hard time avoiding this one because one sip will get ya on your arse. And who doesn't love to write themselves off.

Swedish manufacturers, Smögen, have now created an "Ultra Uncut" gin that has a whopping 82.5% alcohol in it. Crikey.  

With Strane Ultra Uncut 82.5 percent, Pär Caldenby has deliberately tweaked the production process to take the intensity and strength to a new level. This was done with a much stronger charge of the still than usual and also by doubling the amount of botanicals, for massive flavour.

As much as you can admire their efforts in creating a drinkable spirit with an alcohol percentage that high... Do you really think you could consume it?

This is not a challenge, BTW.