This charity is giving clients MDMA to help them with their alcoholism problems

Drugs 25/06/2018

An alcohol and drugs charity in the UK, Addaction, have started providing their clients with MDMA to deal with their alcoholism.

This is all part of a new study they're trialling across North Somerset. Volunteers will participate in a total detox, and then go through a series of psychotherapy sessions.

Four of the volunteers will have a normal detox, however two of them will be given MDMA under medical supervision. Although the withdrawals are just as tough to go through, the MDMA supposedly provides an extra layer of "armour".

It helps them talk about their pain, reflect on the root cause, and begin the healing process.

This method has been suggested before, but is being tested more vigarously in order to figure out its total potential.

According to Mixmag, it has also been suggested MDMA-assisted psychotherapy could come into play by 2021 in the United States.