This female mastermind tricked a tonne of dudes from Tinder into a mass makeshift dating show

Tinder 21/08/2018

For most us who are young and single, being bored can involve a bit of Tinder or Bumble, a few swipes left and right, or maybe an occasional DM slide in a bid to find a cheeky hook up or a potential significant other.

Well, this chick has really blown the idea of online dating being mundane out of the water, with her unorthodox and creative attempt at spicing up her dating life.

New York native and fulltime genius, Natasha Aponte, has made serious headlines today after the story of her very eventful attempt at dating has gone viral. Being an avid user of Tinder, she decided to invite all of her matches to a "date" which, unknown to all those males involved, was actually a DIY dating show for all of them to 'win' a date with her. Stage, mic and all.

Here's some tweets from one of the unsuspecting participants:

We skipped out some, but here's the most important bits of information, to really set the scene.

Natasha actually managed to pull off one of the best pranks (completely to her own benefit) we have ever seen. The best part is that guys actually stayed to participate!

After slowly getting rid of potential candidates through a series of elimination rounds, minimising her options by scraping them out quality by quality, she then set a challenge  for the remaining males to then do sprints and push ups, 'then put them all in a line and swiped left and right on them IRL'. Incredible.

From what we've seen online, no one involved was too disgruntled by it, most of the internet just congratulating Natasha on being well, a genius.

That's one way to spice it up!