This new study reveals which festivals you're most likely to get lucky at

festival 21/05/2018

Still reminiscing about your New Years hook up who's name you didn't quite catch before you lost them in the crowd?

Among all the other crazy shit that happens at festivals, some people find love (or lust) in the middle of the madness. 

Festivals often facilitate romantic encounters, and a recent study has shown which festivals you're most likely to have sex at, as well as the locations and positions involved (because we definitely needed to know that).

The study was done surveying around 1000 different festival goers about their thoughts on festival sex and the details from those who had indeed participated in it.

Here's what the results tunred over.

Top 10  Music Festivals For Sex

Top 10 Festivals For Oral Sex

Top Locations for Festival Sex

Favourite Music Festival Sex Positions