This tradie plays loud music to piss off abortion clinic protesters it's so fucking good

News 22/06/2018

Over the weekend, (in the final weeks that protesting abortion, outside clinics is legal in NSW, Australia) a tradie pulled up near a reproductive health clinic in Surry Hills, saw a group of prostestors, decided  "screw those guys", then started blasting Drowning Pool, effectively drowning the bastards out.


Alright. We don't want to get too political here, so let us just say this; everyone's entitled to an opinion, but nobody wants someone else's opinion shoved down their throats.

Pro-life protestors are pretty much the cockroaches of the universe when it come to that.

Too political? Suck it. 

If you're not sure what we're talking about when we say pro life, esentially "pro life" or "anti-abortion" protestors lobby outside abortions clinics, making chicks who are likely going through one of the toughest decisions and experiences of their life, feel even more traumatised, worse yet - harassed.

The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car,

Outrageously, this form of protest is still allowed here in NZ, but Australia is cracking down (hats off to ya Aussies). 

Earlier this month, the state of NSW passed a new law, creating a 150m safe zone outside of clinics - while freedom of speech is important to any democratic society, the Aussie's reckon you can have that freedom of speech 150m away from women you do not know, and have no right to gaslight or shame.  

Footage of the man in hi-vis cranking Drowning Pool out of his car stereo and trolling the prostetors was captured by Madeleine Ward - a woman who was on site at Surry Hills,  volunteering to help escort the patients into the clinic, past the shaming prostestors.

Check it out below.

Ward told Junkee: “The tradie was there and we had a chat to him about what we were doing,”

“The protestors started singing ‘Silent Night’, and he was like ‘fuck that’, so he turned up the stereo in his car,” she continued. “The protestors got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier ‘turn it down’.”

Protestors called the cops, who eventually turned up and asked the tradie to turn it down. 

Although he complied, the unnamed man has now been hailed as a bit of hero,

Ward told Junkee she's trying to track him cause she "wants to buy him a beer."

Too right.