TVNZ cans doco claiming Aussie aboriginals rocked-up to NZ long before Māori

News 20/08/2018

TVNZ have just pulled this wack doco claiming that 'seven-foot Celts' and Australian aboriginals were chilling in New Zealand thousands of years before the arrival of Māori. 

The two-part series was listed under “documentary and factual”. Um, wut? 

Contradicting the scholarship of literally every respected historian, the two-part documentary, New ZealandSkeletons in the Cupboard, insists that ancient remains from Northland were carbon-dated by a British pathologist and were found to be 3500 years old and of Welsh descent. It was these red-headed, pale-skinned people, the discredited theory runs, who built complex astrological monuments and taught Māori how to weave fishing nets.

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