Twitter is roasting the shit out of Ja Rule after the Fyre Festival documentary

News 22/01/2019

Netflix and Hulu's documentaries on the 2017 disaster that was 'The Fyre Festival' has brought the event and it's organisers under public scrutiny yet again, and rapper Ja Rule has been catching a lot of heat for his role within the event. More specifically, Ja has come under fire for "being complicit in the poor treatment of both staff and guests." 

For those of you who don't know, Fyre Festival was a massive event meant to go down in 2017, which was touted as the next 'big thing.' Upon arriving at the festival, punters were meant with, well, nothing. Accomodation was not prepared, food was scarce, and the festival turned out to be a gigantic fraud.

Althought Ja doesn't overly feature in either documentaries, the few moments he does have caught the attention of a lot of viewers who have been relentlessly trolling him since the release of the film. One of the greatest quotes in the film, was Ja's attempt at defending the outright fraudulent festival by passing it off as "false advertising." 

But Ja Rule ain't gonna let everyone roast him without piping up in response... Check this out.

Ja has managed to avoid any serious punishment for his involvement, especially considering the main organiser, Billy McFarland, has been sentenced to six year in jail for fraud. But the court of public opinion will always prevail!