Two festival goers are still missing one week after Electric Forest

festival 10/07/2018

American police are still on the look out for two festival goers who remain missing 1 whole week after Electric Forest's second weekend.

Both Zach Greeson, 21 and Kevin Graves, 28, have gone missing since the festival and authorities are now becoming more and more concerned since there have been no signs of them. 

Family are now offering a $10,000 reward and police have now released the descriptions of both men.

Zach Greeson 
-5 feet 6 inches tall 
-135 lbs.
-curly strawberry blonde hair
-blue eyes
-septum and nostril piercings
-“slut” tattoo on his upper right shoulder
-cat whisker tattoo on his right index finger 

Kevin Graves
-6 feet tall
-185 lbs.
-sandy blonde hair
-blue eyes
-“USMC” tattoo, left shoulder