Ultra Festival in Europe has just concluded with over 305 arrests and 1 death

News 11/07/2018

Ultra Europe has just concluded over the weekend and we're sure you've seen plenty of vids to give you huge FOMO.

With over 150,000 punters attending the festival over the few days, there was bound to be a menace amongst the crowd. Ultra have released a statement reporting there were around 305 arrests made during the entirity of the week.

The arrests were made for disorderly conduct, narcotics, and people trying to sneak into the festival without buying a ticket.

One individual in particular was found with 49 kgs of marijuana, packed into 47 individual plastic bags.

Around 24 people had to be taken to hospital during the festivities including one 26 year-old American who unfortunately passed away a day after arriving there. The cause of death is unknown.

All our deepest sympathies are with his family at this time.