Vegan cruise runs out of vegan food, vegan guests then starve

News 21/02/2018

Hundreds of vegans have been left hungry and confused after their luxury dinner cruise turned into "vegan Survivor".

More than 400 people boarded the Sydney Harbour cruise-liner on Saturday night, paying up to $60 per head for the Sydney Vegan Club's nine-course menu.

But once they set off the food failed to materialise, leaving the angry vegans "starving" and trapped on board with only vegetable sticks for sustenance.

"Everyone felt ripped off… we were told of a bountiful seven course night of vegan food (later upgraded to 'nine courses'), instead we were left to chase limited amounts of food," Gareth Cummins told Yahoo7 News.

People talked about jumping over the boat or eating each other.


"It was especially bad because people were drinking and expected food to accompany their drinks, which didn't eventuate which was unsatisfactory".

Even worse, some of the wines weren't even vegan - which caused the passengers great distress.

The passengers have taken to social media to complain about their suffering and horrific experience.

"When the food came out you would have been lucky to see it and if you were lucky enough to grab a small piece of falafel the size of a lychee fruit," one person wrote online.

"It felt like I was on the Hunger Games or vegan Survivor," another added.

Some were so hungry they were forced to eat McDonald's afterwards, according to one cruise-goer.

"Lots of people going to Maccas last night after the boat docked," they wrote online.


However the Sydney Vegan Club has posted a video showing vegans partying on board the ship.

"Had a blast last night, partying with all you wild vegans!" the caption said.

The organiser has blamed the food shortage on "greedy" vegans who hogged all the food.

"One of the factors on the night that caused the food to run out and not be evenly distributed was that about 25 percent of the guests greedily ate 50 percent of the food which is unfortunate," he defended himself in a Facebook post.