Vid of people complaining about seatbelts in 1980 is what anti-vaxxers sound like now

News 29/09/2021

Oh how times have changed!

With COVID-19 still prominent around the world two years later we have seen many viral videos of people not complying with mask mandates around the world.

On the Daily Show with Trevor Noah he reminds us that people were saying the same things about seatbelt mandates back in the 80’s.

A video of news footage from 1986 shows multiple people complaining about how requiring seat belts was a violation of their freedom and how they weren't going to comply.

It really is shocking to see how something so normal to us now was thought to be a violation of freedom.

Now we see the same kinds of complaints with COVID-related mandates, despite COVID killing more than ten times as many people in one year as an average year of car accidents do. 

If the government could mandate seatbelt usage to save lives and healthcare resources, surely it can mandate masks in the midst of a global pandemic. 

It’s a tricky question for sure!

Will we look back on mask rants the same way we look back on seatbelt usage?