Viral UK trainspotter caught raving by fans in Manchester

Culture 16/11/2021

TikTok star and viral trainspotter Francis Bourgeois had a big weekend, being spotted at Manchester's Warehouse Project.

With the site of the converted club next to a fully functioning train station, it was a match made in heaven for Bourgeois.

Accompanied by his signature head camera, the young fella documented his night to share with us all, and the FOMO is unreal.

Check out his video below where he notes the railway history and gets down to some techno.

Positive comments poured in, including one punter who wrote 'Francis at the club is content we love to see' while DJs/producers Michael Bibi and Will Clarke said 'See you there for some tones' and referred to Bourgeois as a legend.

Turns out the man loves more than one kind of track. Check out The Warehouse Project's post below where they confirm he had a good time.