Wanna earn cash just to sink tins? This could be the job for you

News 14/11/2018

A beer company in Australia, Sydney Beer Co. has put the call out for a dream position and the first ever of its kind, a CCOO - Chief Clock Off Officer.

The role of a CCOO is to "lead and inspire the country to clock off early and drink beer". How good? The job's salary is open to negotiation but it's a full time position waiting for applications.

Are you an avid bar and beer selfie poster? Are you more likely to know where to meet for a beer, than where your next work meeting is? Do you specialise in time away from your desk, enjoying the very best that Sydney has to offer?


There's no specific requirements listed for the position, a part from a love of beer of course.

Responsibilities include promoting the benefits of the beer and encouraging people to 're-discover' Sydney's best venues for leisurely drinking. You're essentially just the beer's biggest fan!

If this sounds like something you'd consider jumping the ditch for, find out all the info here.