Watch Fred Again..'s response when a fan cuts the music during unreal Boiler Room set

Right Here Right Now 01/08/2022

UK deck maestro ‘Fred again..’ just delivered a Boiler Room set for the ages, full of dubs, smooth transitions, filthy drops, and impeccable vibes. 

Check out the whole set - 1 hour and 11 minutes of goodness - below. 

Fred shared a couple of clips on his Gram, including a clip of him mixing his new tune with Swedish House Mafia and Future, called ‘Turn On The Lights Again’. 

On that post, he said playing a set on Boiler Room was a privilege and something he’s always loved to watch. 

“My first ever @boilerroomtv is now livvveeee on YouTube,” the caption reads. 

“A total honour. Been watching these since I was a kid. And it was total chaos. We made a real room of it together.”

He also shared an absolutely filthy forthcoming collab with Skrillex, Four Tet and Flowdan that everyone is freaking out about and rightfully so - that shit is hard. 

About twenty minutes into the set, the crowd is jumping around getting hyped as Fred is playing an unreleased Skrillex collab when some poor bugger accidentally stops one of the decks from playing. 

Fred deals with it like a pro, calming the shocked audience member, getting on with the set and even having a quick jump around with him.  

Legendary dance music pioneer Skrillex - who features a few times in the tracklist - also shared a snippet of the set, showcasing one of his three IDs dropped in the hour. 

Compliments for Fred were everywhere in the comment section on the YouTube video. One said that “this one is gonna down in boiler room history. 

Another said that the set was “one of the best boiler rooms in recent years” and another commenter’s “cold, cynical heart” was melted because of the set. 

A couple more believe the set is bigger than just a guy on decks as it marks “the next shift in dance music”. 

“The man is changing the way the world hears house music,” another said. “Without doubt one of the all-time great Boiler Room sets.