We're gonna have to eat half as much meat in order to slow down climate change

Food 12/10/2018

A new study has delivered some bad news for us carnivores - we're going to have to seriously slash our meat consumption if we want to have a chance in fighting climate change.

Published in Nature journal, the study claims beef consumption in Western countries will need to drop by as much as 90% to reduce the impact of the food industry on our environment. YIKES.

The authors suggest we swap out some meat for beans and legumes...

The world population is supposedly going to grow to 10 billion people in the next few decades (it's 7.2 billion now), so the food industry's impact on the environment is only going to worsen if we don't act. 

"Feeding a world population of 10 billion is possible, but only if we change the way we eat and the way we produce food. Greening the food sector or eating up our planet: this is what is on the menu today," says Professor Johan Rockstrom.

The food industry is well aware of their damage on the environment through deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions from livestock and water pollution - and they're aware there is a mass diet change incoming. Hence the surge of 'fake meats' in the last few years. Those Maccas burgers may be looking PRETTYYYY different in the future.

So start making some changes people. #inspo