White line spanning across earth has conspiracy theorists going nuts

News 26/02/2018

A mysterious white line spanning from the North to South Pole has been found on Google Maps and people are suspicious.

Conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner from YouTube channel Secureteam10, often uses Google Earth to keep an eye on things around the globe, because you can't trust the mainstream media, am I right? #fakenews

From one of these infamous Google Earth expeditions, Tyler came across a huge white line that spans 13,000 miles (about 20,000 kilometres) across the earth going from Antarctica, all the way to the North Pole.

The white line looks like vapour from the back of a plane, however Tyler us quick to believe it is something more sinister. 

Although appearance would have you believe it is a plane trail, Tyler points out that there are hundreds of thousands of these made everyday, but no one sees them.

He also points out that the vessel that caused that trail would have to be massive.

It would have to do this fast enough to leave this entire line of clouds in perfect condition like it moved over the Earth in a matter of minutes

Many followers of the channel see this as a confirmation of some kind alien invasion, or an alien mothership. Others are not so quick to agree.

One of the comments read, "Tyler...Google Earth is a computer simulation not an actual vid or up to the minute picture. You guys don't know how stuff works. Lol. All those NASA images? They are artists enhanced renderings not actual photos."

Well we guess there's little proof to confirm either way but in the words of Ancient Aliens "Is such a thing even possible?..... Yes, it is."