You could be Kim Dotcom's next live-in DJ

funny shit 26/04/2018

Kim Dotcom has taken to Twitter in search of a few employees, including an in-house DJ.

Mr Dotcom, who recently moved to Queenstown with his family, tweeted he is after some in-house help for a range of jobs with specific skills. 

A chef, DJ, a counter-intelligence professional, a German teacher and a Zeppelin pilot are some of the jobs up for grabs. 

Mr Dotcom's move down south follows the Human Rights Tribunal March ruling that the Crown broke the law by withholding information from him. 

In July 2015, Mr Dotcom sent an urgent information privacy request to all 28 Ministers of the Crown, as well as almost all Government departments, asking for personal information they had on him, including under his previous names.

Nearly all the requests were transferred to the Attorney-General Chris Finlayson, who declined the Megaupload founder's requests on the grounds that they were "vexatious" and trivial.

Mr Dotcom was awarded damages for loss of benefit and loss of dignity.