The Limes are back on thanks to good guys Auckland Council

News 01/03/2019

Thank the bloody scooter gods - Lime has been given the all-clear to unleash its scooters back onto Auckland streets. With some conditions though. 

Lime's licence to operate in Auckland was suspended a week ago after heaps of reports of sudden braking, and dozens of injuries.

The scooter gang says it has fixed the problem, and Auckland Council said today that they're satisfied that Limes are now safe to ride - but before its scooters roll again, the company will have to agree to some Ts and Cs.

They'll have to report "serious or signficiant" incidents in Auckland within 24 hours, and incidents elsewhere in NZ and around the world within 48.

"We want to understand and learn from those, and make sure the appropriate actions are put into effect here," Auckland Council chief operating officer Dean Kimpton said on Friday afternoon.

Every single Lime scooter will have to be mechanically inspected for flaws once a week, and inspection reports made available to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport.

And by March 6, Auckland Council says Lime will have to start educating its users better. It will have to have at least 10 people available, seven days a week, through its ambassador programme. 

Mr Kimpton said Lime was told these conditions around midday today, as well as the Council's disappointment it had to learn of the scooters' problems through media reports.

If Lime formally agrees to the conditions, its scooters could be back on the streets by Saturday, Mr Kimpton said.

Bring on the weekend hooning team. Just kidding, please scoot safely.