The Definitive Smoko Feed Power Rankings

Culture 14/08/2019

This week we asked tradies to send in their go-to munch for when smoko finally rolls around. After doing some serious research we’ve managed to put together a list of tradie treats ranked from embarrassing to life changing.

8. Instant Noodles
Offering little to no nutritional value, instant noodles come in last place. You might as well scoop up some of the sawdust lying around and pour boiling water over it, same sh*t. Still going to eat two packets though.

7. Lasagne Topper
A choice that seems great in the moment, but often leads to instant regret. Side note: No grease should be that orange. The thing is already radioactive by the time you get it out of the warmer, and the orange tint really hammers that home.

6. Soup And Bread Combo

5. Sandwiches
Pretty much middle of the pack. About as basic as you can get, depending on what you put in there. If you're an apprentice that lives at home your mum might even make them for you, how good.

4. Toasted Sandwich
An obvious step up from your standard sandwich. If there’s one thing on site that takes more of a hammering than the radio, it’s the toastie machine. Sneaky good if you throw some of your leftovers between a couple of bits of bread. Sorted.

3. Leftovers
This could be higher or lower dependent on how good you are at cooking. If you’re a bit of a chef, it’s a chance to flex on everyone. If you’re heating up an absolute trainwreck you threw together using the dregs in your kitchen, you’ll be eating in the corner by yourself to save embarrassment.

2. Sausage Roll
Turns out if you put almost anything in pastry, it goes well. If you’re looking to kick things up a notch and have the flashest feed on site, make sure you go for the ‘double happy’. Double the sausage with a generous helping of cheese, how good. Make sure you grab a caramel slice or custard square to balance things out.

Honorable Mention: Friday Beers
Nothing tastes better than a couple of coldies to end the week. Goes great when paired with an early knock-off. Loses out on top spot because of escalation potential e.g. kick-on trip to the cas. Warning: May lead to some serious dust when you roll up late for your cashie on Saturday morning. 

1. The Pie
The humble pie takes the top spot, with plenty of tradies asking why we even did these rankings when number one was always locked up. Best when paired with a blue V and a Winfield Blue. Get around it.