Kygo's Auckland Show: the official and honest review

Out and About 18/10/2018

Last night, Kygo blessed the Spark Arena stage for the first time ever, and everyone seemed to be frothin'. Along with a cheeky interview with General Lee, a few members of the George office headed along to the show to see him.

We're here to give you the honest review though, and whether it was really worth it...

Written by George contributor and total skuxx, Shawn Cleaver.

Kygo seemed one wrong slip-up on the decks away from sending himself into orbit.

I'll give him this though: at least I could see him. I wonder if the people in the front row could, or if waiting those extra hours to get closer to their EDM idol resulted in some stiff necks the morning after.

Despite being a Wednesday, it was a Friday feeling in a mostly packed out Spark Arena when Kygo appeared on his platform DJ booth. His first few tracks (Jackie Chan, One Kiss, & Born to Be Yours) may have felt like Sunday morning if they weren't accompanied by his air cannons and fire blasters.

Seriously, fire blasters make anything hype. Have to mow the lawns? Put some fire on that shit. Jury duty? Fire-blast that courtroom. He could have dropped Hallelujah and still fire-blasted the crowd into a frenzy.

I was thinking of all the nice things I was going to write about the crowd, how they were so smiley, no agro, no one out of control, until some chick just crashed into my leg like she’d been flung from a catapult. Instead of the usual half-assed apology, she just got up and gave me this kinda look like “eyy that’s showbiz baby.” So one bad egg spoiled this paragraph.

It was good to see Kygo jump to the piano a couple of times, reminding us that most DJ’s can actually play music. The bro Conrad Sewell came out and did an acoustic rendition of Firestone in the encore, with just Kygo on the piano which they slayed.

There was a whole bunch of other stuff I was supposed to write about. The Avicii tribute, the tune selection, but I contracted a serious case of yolo and just got amongst the dancing. I guess that says more in a way?

From the look of a lot of peoples Instas last night, it looked pretty epic!