Sin and Brook's advice for enjoying your first festival

Out and About 14/01/2022

Summer is here which means that some festie first-timers are about to take the plunge and party hard! 

George Drive hosts, Sin and Brook were asked in the cockies appreciation club facebook group for tips for first time festival goers. Here’s what Sin, Brook and the rest of the cockies had to say to guide the festie first timer!

Sin’s advice:

You can be selfish with the acts you wanna see… don’t feel pressured to follow the group and miss out on seeing someone cos the group doesn’t want to! Sometimes it's fun to rave by yourself just make plans to meet up at the ‘spot’ after the set…

Brook’s advice:

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, if you wanna go fruity as or weird, do it! It’s the perfect place to let loose.

Advice from the Cockies Appreciation Club:

Take shit like wet wipes and a spare of everything, don’t want to lose your sunnies on day one.

Try checking out some acts you’re less familiar with, you might stumble upon something new you really like!

Certain substances that people like to consume at these things can make them kinda aggressive, so if someone looks like they’re on a mission, just stay out of their way.

Make sure you’re protecting yourself from the sun - wear a hat, block up and hydrate often, you don’t want to be known as Mr Friday who got sunstroke and missed the rest of the festie.

If in a group, have a group mum. Usually the most sober of the group to keep an eye on everyone and make sure the group survives the event. A go to med tent buddy.

Be yourself! Festivals are really good for meeting new people <3