There's a bottomless fried chicken lunch in Auckland going down everyday till the end of the year

Out and About 24/10/2018

If you fuck with fried chicken as much as us, this news is going to absolutely make your year.

The Chamberlain, an Auckland food joint located in Britomart, has announced that until the end of the year they will be hosting two-hour bottomless 'dining sessions' every weekday from 1pm-3pm. This will include unlimited beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and unlimited fried chicken for the measeley cost of $35 a head.

The Chamberlain is located on Tyler Street in Auckland City, in the Britomart area.

Only catch with this epic deal is that you need a minimum of four people in order to book! But hey, that'll be easy with a deal like that?! Email here to book:

Fried chicken and tins... Name a better duo? Hmmmm, we'll wait.