There's now an Instagram Account dedicated to destroying those scooters we can't get enough of

Out and About 02/11/2018

They're taking over the bloody world we swear, and we're not mad about it tbh. Apparently a lot of people are though, with an entire Insta account set up dedicated to the deaths of 'Lime' scooters and their overseas counterpart 'Bird'.

Coined 'Bird Graveyard', the 'gram was started by 25-year-old Altantian bike messenger Sinan, when he saw a Bird scooter at a train station and decided he wanted to fuck that shit up. 

"I was feeling some sort of way, and there's a balcony, so I picked it up and dropped the Bird off it." YIKES.

He reckons "they're just counterproductive to public transit, and they’re not being used for the right reasons by the right people. I mean you get these douchebags who show up at the skatepark with these Birds,"

Sounds like someone has a lot of misdirected anger... you algood mate? 

The account now features countless vids and pics of Lime and Bird scooters being burned, thrown off buildings, shat on, tossed in the ocean and just straight up being annihilated. 

Here are some tasters of the kinda shit we're talking about:

While these make for some pretty amusing watches, we absolutely do not condone this kind of vandalism. Come on guys, have a bit of respect. Are a few cheap laughs really worth hundreds of dollars of damage?

We'll stick to just doing some sick skidz we think.