The US are trying to ban Snapstreaks

Tech 02/08/2019

Bad news for anyone still riding on the Snapchat wagon - the app might be nearing it's extinction with the US trying to ban it's most engaging feature. 

A newly proposed bill is seeking to ban the Snapstreak, which seems a bit ridiculous, but it's based on the idea that streaks encourage overuse of the app by making sure people log in at least once a day. 

The proposal is part of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley's 'Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology' Act, SMART Act for short. His goal is to ban "addictive and deceptive techniques" put in place by social media companies including Snapchat.

If you're not sure how the Snapstreak feature works (we're looking at all you oldies out there), it's the number of days that two users have continuously sent photos or videos to each other, and if a user doesn't send something for 24 hours the streak disappears. 

Critics reckon Snapstreaks promote unhealthy social media habits by pushing people to get addicted to the app, which is particularly true for teenagers. 

Other features the SMART Act seeks to ban are infinite scroll and autoplay features - anything that gives an endless supply of content without a "natural stopping point". 

Maybe it's time to let those streaks die guys. You had a good run.