American Horror Story could run for 20 seasons according to creator

Tech 25/10/2019

The 100th episode of American Horror Story hit screens this week, and to celebrate co-creator Ryan Murphy shared his all time favourite episodes.

One of his top just so happened to be the very first episode:

"The first, and always number one in my heart, for several reasons,"

"One, Brad [Falchuk] and I spent so long on it... years on the pitch, years on the script, until [FX CEO] John Landgraf and [co-head of 20th Century Fox TV] Dana Walden and Brad and I got it to where we wanted. From rough idea to day one of filming took four years,"

"It was a huge risk at the time, creatively and financially. Dana Walden has said to me several times it was one of the most out of the box ideas in the history of modern television, and I think she's right,"

"I remember John saying to me when I gave him the final pitch, 'Wait a're going to burn down the sets every year and start over every season?' I said, 'Yes.' He paused and then said 'This scares me... but excites me, too. Let's do it.'"

Season 5 (Hotel) 'Checking In' also made Ryan's list, saying: "I love this episode for so many reasons, most of them Gaga. I loved working with her so much then, and now.

"I am so proud of where she's gone as an actress, but she always had chops, right from the minute she stepped on the set. She is a born actress. My favourite sequence in the episode was the vampire stalking with her and Matt Bomer."

Ryan has favourite episodes scattered throughout all the seasons, but his favourite season altogether was Season 7 (Cult): "I think Falchuk agrees. We both felt so passionately about the story, about the terrifying rise of Trump, of people falling under the spell of the cult of personality."

From more recent seasons, Ryan thinks Season 9's (1984) episode 'Red Dawn' is up there, although he says it was a 'b**ch to make': "Everyone has lost their minds. It is the youngest cast we've ever had, and a real homage to when Brad and I were growing up in the '80s."

Lastly, Murphy praised Kathy Bates in Season 6's (Roanoke) 'Chapter 6', explaining: "This is one of her greatest roles for us, I think. I have never been more enthralled than when Kathy gets upset because of the Saturn Awards and the injustice of it all."

He added: "This was the season that made me think 'OK, this show can go for 20 years.' Because we can keep playing with the format, the form,"

"It proved to me we didn't have to have every season be a grand spectacle. We could be raw and rough and verité. It reinvigorated me in some way, after the operas we had done. This felt like an independent film approach. It felt like, 'Ok...season 20? Bring it on.'"

You heard it here first. Season 20 coming right up. That's another 11 seasons team!